God is Choosing and Appointing Watchmen to Make History

April 28th, 2017



James Goll recently shared about the rise of intercession across the nation and how the role of watchman is of critical importance in this season. 

God seems to be strategically calling His people to prayer watches as never before. A little more than a decade ago there were only a handful of Houses of Prayer in North America. Today, there are more than 10,000 Houses of Prayer that combine worship and distinct prayer themes in their diverse watches.

In the United States, numerous statewide solemn assemblies of prayer and fasting come under the umbrellas of: The Response, Awakening America Alliance, OneCry, National Day of Prayer, Intercessors for America, The Jericho Center directed by Dick Eastman and many other ministries.

Then add the diversity of ministries such as TheCall with Lou Engle, Reformation Prayer Network with Cindy Jacobs, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network with John Benefield, the International House of Prayer—Kansas City with pioneer Mike Bickle, and our very own Prayer Storm with Jon & Jolene Hamill, where every prayer matters. In the Nashville, Tennessee area we have a regional prayer network called Worship City Prayer. In addition to the few I have mentioned, there are also hundreds and possibly thousands of local churches in the nation with prayer calls and prayer rallies.

This is Good News for prayer warriors! There are new recruits constantly being trained. It is a new day with renewed momentum in the global worship and prayer movement!

I grew up hearing different versions of this statement: “When God is about to do a mighty new thing, He always sets His people praying.” If this is true, then the growing numbers of watchmen on the walls today are leading us to the brink of another Great Awakening.

God is choosing and appointing watchmen to make history before the throne of Almighty God. I don’t plan to miss that appointment! I encourage you not to miss your opportunity either.

Surrender to the Lord to be a valiant prayer warrior, seizing your appointment. Decide today that you will enlist—or possibly reenlist—as a spiritual watchman for the purposes of God in your generation. What a destiny and high calling: A Watchman on the Walls!

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April 26th, 2017

Thank God for our founding fathers, that most of them trusted in Him and that they established a government based on Nature’s God and the Biblical truth. May God enable us to teach the children in our lives wisdom.

The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him. (Pr. 23:24)

“A growing number of states are realizing the importance of teaching high school students the nation’s founding documents after schools have ignored them for years.

Kentucky and Arkansas have become the latest of more than a dozen states requiring high school social studies curricula to include material covered by the 100 questions asked on the naturalization exam, which includes questions about U.S. history, civics, and government.

‘I hope this is a wake-up call,’ says attorney John Whitehead, president of Rutherford Institute. ‘I talk to people who graduate from law school in my summer intern program, and they can’t even give me the five freedoms in the First Amendment.’

John Whitehead goes on to say, ‘I think parents should get together and form their own oversight committees and make sure that they’re teaching the Bill of Rights, they’re teaching the Constitution, they’re teaching real history and how government should work.’” (Excerpted from One News Now, reporting by Bob Kellogg.)