June 16th, 2017


In the early 1950s, an American missionary named R. Edward Miller was working in a small city in Argentina. He had been laboring for years without results and he felt he had tried everything he knew how to do—except sustained, concerted intercession.

Without telling the people in his congregation, he began to pray eight hours a day, asking God for revival in his own life and in theirs, as well as in the wider community. All by himself, he prayed and prayed, adding fasting to his regimen because he was so determined to get results.

After at least six months of dogged daily prayer, the Lord spoke one word to the tired missionary: “Continue!”

He kept praying for several more months. This was a one-man prayer watch.

Eventually the Lord spoke again. This time He told Miller to announce nightly prayer meetings at the church from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, starting the following Monday evening. Miller objected. “Lord, are you sure? If I hold prayer meetings, the only ones who come will be the little old ladies. And all they will do is to sit and watch me pray.”

The Lord seemed to nod and say simply, “I know.”

Miller went ahead and announced a week of nightly prayer meetings. As he predicted, the only people from his congregation who showed up were three of the little old ladies. And, yes, all they did was sit silently and watch their pastor pray for four hours. At midnight, he asked if any of them had received a word from God. One of the women raised her hand and reported having had a strange desire to come up and knock on the wood table in the front of the sanctuary. That seemed too foolish to be a real word from God. They all went home for the night.

Next night, same thing. The same three ladies arrived, sat down, and did nothing but watch Miller pray his heart out for four hours. At the end of the evening, the same woman reported having the same sense about knocking on the wooden table. This was crazy. They adjourned for the night once again. The next two nights were exactly the same. The woman did not want to make a fool of herself, so she refused to knock on the table.

Miller wondered, What if obedience to this strange instruction would turn out to be the key to something big? The missionary tried to figure out a way to get the lady to at least try it out. It was the final night of the scheduled meetings. Again, only those three little old ladies came into the sanctuary to watch Miller pray. This time, when he found out that she had had the same impulse for the fifth night in a row, he said, “Sister, we’re all going to walk around the table and knock on it.” He figured that she couldn’t refuse to follow through if the rest of them were doing it.

He went first. He walked past the table and struck it with his hand. “Thunk.” The other two women did the same. “Clunk. Thunk.” Finally the third woman stepped up to the table and knocked her knuckles on it.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came. The four of them were overwhelmed with the glory of the presence of God. On the spot, the three women were baptized in the Spirit, and they began to worship God in languages they had not learned.

The news spread fast, and more people began to join them in nightly prayer times. After everyone in the congregation had been touched by God, the revival spread to the capital city of Buenos Aires where eventually thousands of people gathered in an outdoor stadium in 1954. The great Argentine revival of the early 1950s had begun—all because one man watched and prayed and followed through to the best of his ability.

I have had the joy of telling this infamous intercessory story around the world and encouraging believers everywhere, “All prayers counts. Just keeping on Knocking!”


  1. Rose says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I love when our Lord Jesus shows up especially when we surrender and be obedient. Lord I pray that those who you have called to stand in the gap for this nation and fast and pray would rise up in these last days. ” One Nation under God” ” In God we Trust” Holy Spirit have your way in Jesus name

  2. Teresa Daigrepont says:

    Praying for Mattis and other leaders to stand firm and focused, may their detractors and those who would destroy our culture be confused and dismayed.

  3. Shila says:

    Pray without ceasing…After you’ve done that, pray again! But the key is to BELIEVE! For man it may seem impossible, BUT for God, all things are possible. Amen Hallelujah!

  4. Belay Woldemaraim says:

    Listen the voice of God!!!
    Unless we knock on the door it will never open, unless we ask God we never received,
    In order to impact our nation in revival,we have to declare the word of God and the blood of Jesus in our school system,in our political, economical and social system.I believe that if we do our part God will do his part.
    Praise God!!!

  5. Beverly Jones says:

    This happened to me also. When I finally did what God asked me to do, tho I felt extremely embarrassed, I found God was relieving my mind about something, and He was doing it all for my good, and His glory

    Praise His glorious Name. He is altogether lovely!!!!!!!!

  6. Felicia says:

    Thank you Lord for this inspiring true story , help us to be faithful to your leading in our lives. Gives us your grace to step out in faith. Father God, we so long to see revival here, continue to make us steadfast in our intercession. In Jesus name, Amen.

    This true story reminds me of another;
    A top Nazi official was asks after WWII why he thought the Germans lost the war.
    He said that the only reason was the British secret weapon that was deployed nightly at 9pm.
    At 9pm every night, in England, the radio stations would all observe a few minutes of prayer.

  7. Evangelist Louise Schmaling says:

    June 16, 2017
    Verse of the Day

    Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
    Luke 6:38 KJV

  8. Karen says:

    HALLELUJAH! This is an inspiring and encouraging word! Prayer and fasting, intercession and obedience OPEN THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN! HALLELUJAH!!

    Thank you,
    A 64-years young saint!

  9. Charlotte Luerssen says:

    This account inspires me to follow through with an instruction I’ve been given. Thank you so much for sharing.

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